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The Prohibition by Donny
A reenactment of the St Valentine's Day Massacre by Chicago Police for the jury. Prohibition, or the 18th amendment to the US Constitution, was enacted in 1920 and it outlawed the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcoholic beverages. It ...
What does the word "copy" stamped on the back of the coin mean? by Asif Nadeem
Copy Coins and Coin Debasement First of all I will answer your question about the meaning of word “Copy” on a coin followed by the currency debasement and the need for copies. Copy Coins A coin with the word ‘copy’ ...

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How much is a 1943 silver one cent penny worth? It has a abraham Lincoln head on it
by Guest - 5 minutes ago
I have one in a plastic cover from the US mint
by Laura - 18 hours ago
I have a 1893 coin no denomanation silver gold tint eagle upside down word copy stamped on it
by Guest - 2 days ago
It isn't worth much because it isn't gold, it is only gold plated and doesn't even worth the effort of trying to melt the gold layer.
by jade - 4 days ago
Hi everyone,As many of you have already noticed, some people see the site differently (specifically the top bar). This is a result of a change we are currently testing. If you see this ...
by admin - 4 days ago
Copy means that it isn't the original coin made. It doesn't mean that it is a fake though. It just means that it is another version of the original coin but it has no value besides the ...
by . - 4 days ago
Check to make sure it has nothing else on the back. If you are still unsure, get it checked by a professional. Good luck!
by . - 4 days ago
Doesn't sound like a real bill.
by jade - 6 days ago
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